Benefits of taking exercise outside

Benefits of outdoor exercise

Taking your workout, run, or yoga outside can be beneficial to your health! Going to the gym is great don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I crave fresh air. Teaching beach yoga every week has also shown me the benefits of taking my workouts and yoga outdoors.

  1. You are breathing better air. The fresh air generated by nature will give you more energy! Trees and plants produce oxygen which when we breathe in is transported by the red blood cells as energy to our entire bodies.
  2. You’ll burn more calories without trying to. When you are running on a treadmill, elliptical, or using a bike in a gym you are limited. Outside the terrain is ever changing, using hills, trails, the beach, and even park or playground equipment to your advantage. When you are on uneven terrain it helps to use smaller underlying muscles to stabilise the bigger muscles that you are also using! Being outside helps to confuse your muscles not hammering out the same workout every time.
  3. VITAMIN D! Vitamin D comes partly from the sun and has SO many awesome health benefits. On the short list Vitamin D boosts bone health, decreases depression, can aide in weight loss, and researchers are trying to prove that a significant amount of vitamin d can help reduce the risk for breast and prostate cancer.
  4. Disconnecting. Sometimes all you need is to put your phone away. We spend a lot of time inside and working on computers, on our phones, and using technology. Being outside helps to clear our minds, all the while reducing stress. You can focus on the outdoors and the terrain when working out outside, turning off your work mind and your personal life.
  5. You just feel good! Working out outdoors has a positive effect on our mental health. It is linked to stress reduction, a decrease in feelings of anxiety and depression.

    I feel increased happiness and better wellbeing when I take my workouts outdoors!

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